Dynamic HR & Payroll Solution

(Fully Automize & Web Base Solution)


One of the biggest challenges companies are facing today is managing their most important asset, their workforce, whether a company has 20 or 20,000 employees.

– oers solutions that t their needs, full set of easy-to-congure, fully integrated, back-oce tools that reduce costs, streamline related business processes, and help boost revenue.

The robust feature set, encompassed within seven technology modules, includes functionalities to meet the specic demands of any organization, focusing on both employees and managers and addresses virtually every phase of workforce management.

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1. Automate process

2. Ensure 100% accuracy

3. Save time, increase efficiency and accelerate growth

4. Keep all your data updated with minimum effort

5. Manage and process payroll accurately without spending too much time

6. Get all reports and statements at your i�?ngertip

7. Enable employees to access their salary data on-demand

Core Modules

Attendance Management


 A comprehensive, integrated and easy to use employees Attendance Man-agreement Module that enables employees to record their arrival and departure,

Providing managers with detailed information about attendance records, absenteeism, overtime etc.

A?  National Holidays Management.

A?  Multiple Organizational Time Periods Management.

A?  Shift Management with Time Period, Man Hour and Time Period with Man Hour. Overtime policy based on designations, Shifts and Organization wise.

A?  Late Arrival & Early Departure policy based on designations, Shifts and Organization wise with Penalties & Allowances.

A?  Swap Missing Policies Based on Designation wise / Shift Wise / Organization wise. Off Day Policy Based on Shift, Designation, Employee & Organization wise.

A?  Multiple Breaks Management.

A?  Schedule Base Shifts Management. 10. Auto Roster Management.

A?  Manual Posting Options for (Attendance Miss Adjustments, Late & Early with Notii�?cations, Attendance Correction, Absent Correction etc.)



ü  Departure Report

ü  Absent Reports

ü  Swipe Missing Report

ü  Daily Attendance Report

ü  Early Arrival Report

ü  Late Arrival Report

ü  Early Departure Report

ü  Late Departure Report

ü  Late Arrival and Early Departure Report

ü  Personal Attendance report

ü  Attendance Statistics Report

ü  Attendance Detail Statistics Report

ü  Overtime Statistic Report

ü  Overtime Details Statistic report

ü  Activity Reports



ü  Attendance register

ü  Overtime register

ü  Arrival register

ü  Departure register

ü  Arrival and Departure Register

ü  Early arrival register

ü  Late arrival register

ü  Early departure register

ü  Late departure register

ü  Late arrival and early departure register

ü  Analytical attendance Report

ü  Analytical Arrival Departure Report

ü  Analytical Late early Report

ü  Analytical Missing Report

Leave Management


ü  An easy to use Leave ow tool that simplies the process ows of planning, applying and approving of leave(s).

ü  Setup of Annual leave with dierent Policies as Leave cashable, forward able, transferable and lapsable etc.

ü  Leave Entitlement Single or Multiple Employees 3. Leave Posting with Notify or With out Notify.

ü  Leave Encashment.

ü  Leave Calendar.

ü  Business Leave Postings.

ü  Leave surplus payable at the end of the year or transferable to next year



ü  Organizational Leave Policy Report.

ü  Leave Detail Report

ü  Leave Calendar Report

ü  Leave Application Report.

ü  Leave Balances Report

ü  Leave Entitlement Report

ü  Missing leave entitlement Report.

ü  Leave Ledgers Report

ü  Leave Register

ü  Department wise Leave Calendar Report

Payroll Managemen



Fully automates and streamlines the payroll function of your business. The solution is comprehensive, simple to use and cost eective. It eliminates the hassle of manual payroll calculations and enables payroll generation centrally for multiple branches/locations within the company.


1. Setup based allowances & deductions.

2. Salary structure with allowances & deduction setups.

3. Group wise/user wise payroll generation.

4. Loan and Advances cialis mexican pharmacy no imatation. Management.

5. Expense claim settlement with monthly payroll.

6. EOBI, Social Security Management.

7. Tax Deduction Policy Management.

8. Salary calculation based on basic salary, allowances, deductions, personal income tax, and time sheet





1. Salary / Wages Statements.

2. Salary / Wages Slips

3. Allowance Statements

4. Deduction Statements

5. Department wise / Section wise / Group wise Salaries Summery Report

6. Missing Allowance & Deduction Report

7. Loan / Advances Statements

8. EOBI Statements.

9. Social Security Statements.

10. Provident Found Statements.

11. Rewards Reports.

12. CC

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